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​​The Haileybury Society is the official organisation for OH alumni and supports all Old Haileyburians (OHs) after they leave Haileybury. We are a registered charity and membership organisation; for our privacy policy, click here.  

The Haileybury Society - a network for life!

A proud history...

Building on over 120 years of history, The Haileybury Society was amalgamated in 1957 incorporating the Old Haileyburian Society (1895-1957) and the United Service College and Imperial Service College Society (1947-1957).

Our status and aims

As an independent registered Charity, managed by Trustees who are all Old Haileyburians, it exists to support and serve all Haileyburians throughout their lives, with three core aims:

·        To assist and promote educational objectives in connection with the School
·        To form a bond of union between the School and the Society
·        To develop and strengthen the spirit of service to the community.

The Society is the only umbrella alumni association for Haileybury. Not only do we continue to engage with and support the School, we also provide a lifetime of networking and career support for every child who leaves as a member.

We provide regular grants to Haileybury pupils by way of bursaries, prizes and other grants, including to Archives, the Library and the Chapel.

We are also represented on the Haileybury Foundation Board alongside Council and the HPA.

Career Development and Mentoring

As well as the aims highlighted above, the Society also offers excellent ways to ensure that, in future life, Old Haileyburian members can benefit from the rich network of alumni within the Society.

Former pupils can engage with each other through our mentoring scheme, both as mentors and mentees and we are happy to introduce parents to OHs reading specific degree courses at particular universities for which their children maybe considering an Open Day visit, so they can get a better understanding of courses and individual universities.

Grants and Awards

Lifetime membership provides a valuable support network for everyone in the Haileybury community and funds valuable initiatives within the College.

This includes grants, awards and bursaries as well as supporting school projects – in recent years we have helped fund the new Grubber to mark the 150th anniversary of the school, together with projects such as a flight simulator for CCF, a netball scoreboard, cricket covers and honour boards, the printing and publication of a pupils’ poetry magazine, and regular support to Archives, the Library and the Chapel.

Networking Events and Clubs

Peer support is a key part of membership. We hold various social events for members of all ages, including reunions back at Haileybury or themed events such as pub nights, museum visits, wine-tasting, to name a few examples.

We also host regional, national and international luncheons and dinners and hold business networking events throughout the year. Not forgetting our huge international presence with over 40 overseas secretaries offering help, networking and support for Haileyburyians wherever they are in the world.

Our OH Sports Clubs offer an extensive range of sporting opportunities for all ages, and represent the Society at prestigious national competitions - golf (the OHGS) in the Halford Hewitt, the Grafton Morrish and The Mellin, football in the Arthurian League, the Hermits in the Cricketer Cup, rackets in the Noel Bruce competition and the Veterans Rifles at the Bisley Veterans Public Schools annual competition.

The OHRFC, who have owned their own ground in Ewell for over eighty years, play rugby in the Surrey Leagues. We also have strong OH boys and girls Hockey teams who play at Haileybury in an annual Hockey Sixes Competition the brain-child of an OH Olympian Tony Nunn (Ha 41). The Old Haileyburian Masonic Lodge is also very active and hugely supportive of the school and the Society.

The Haileybury Society - a Lifetime of Support

As well as all this, the Society maintains lifetime contact with all its members through regular updates via e-news and publications including the Society’s Annual Report.

We have also launched a new community based website, which can be tailored to individual requirements and offers members regular updates to Society news and events as well as selling an exclusive range of Haileyburiana merchandise, which can also be purchased directly from our office in Hertford.
The Haileybury Society is there for every member throughout their career and even beyond. An active, vibrant and supporting organisation, the Society supports all former Haileyburians, no matter how young or old they are.

With the Haileybury Society, every member has friends for life.

The Haileybury Society was established in 1957 and is the official alumni association for pupils of Haileybury College.

The Society is an independent registered Charity, managed by Trustees who are all OHs and exists to support and serve all Haileyburians throughout their lives.